A Spotlight on @ClassDojo


In an effort to build a deeper awareness of the way in which technology is being integrated within the classroom, I have started a series of posts designed to put a spotlight on certain applications and celebrate some of the different uses across the school. The first application in focus is Class Dojo.

Class Dojo is an online application that enables students, teachers and parents to track student behaviour and effort. It works across different platforms and rewards students with ‘Dojo’ points for desired classroom behaviours. Here then are some examples of the way teachers are using it in the school:

In 3D we use Class Dojo as a student tracking tool. We set up the expected behaviours together as a grade so that they were meaningful and we award/subtract points based on this. We also created our ‘reward goals’ together as a grade to increase motivation. We tracked our points through the day using an ‘effort’ scale on our task board. – Catherine Gatt

I use Dojo as a behaviour management incentive. The students in Yr 3 have helped to decide what behaviours we are looking for and rewarding. Its great for positive reinforcement, particularly recognising and rewarding effort. – Linda Britton

Several teachers have also used the growth mindset videos found on the Class Dojo website. These have been linked with the lessons on effort taught in class, with a few classes entering the ‘Create a Monster’ competition. The focus on which was identify what needs to improve to create an even better monster.

So there are a couple of ways that Class Dojo has been used. What about you? Do you use Class Dojo? How do you integrate it within the classroom? As always, comments welcome.


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