Kahoot is a quiz website that is based on the idea of ‘gamification’. Kahoot is simple, colourful, and easy to set up. Students are not required to set up an account, or download any software to their computer. The teacher starts the quiz on the IWB and students log in using a game PIN. The questions show up on the IWB and students select the correct answer on their computers or tablets. Students get points for correct answers and the faster the students answer, the more points they are awarded.

Teachers can make Kahoot quizzes from scratch, or they can use one of the thousands of publicly-available Kahoots on any number of topics. Kahoot is an engaging classroom activity as the students see it as a game.

Here are some ways that you can use Kahoot in your classroom:

  1. Introduce a new topic or unit: Kahoot can be used as a more interesting way to gauge students’ prior knowledge. Data can be exported from Kahoot to an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to inform your teaching.
  2. Fun, engaging warm-up activity: In maths, we used Kahoot in several lessons to start off the lesson.
  3. Reflection activity: Check that students have been paying attention during class, and see how much they’ve actually learnt.
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