Edmodo vs. Compass

One of the challenges with a new learning platform like Compass is where it fits and how it compares with what went before. Here then is my comparison between Edmodo and Compass:




Organised around groups and communities. The posts from both are collated in a feed on the home page. Organised around subjects, with the possibility to provide lesson plans in a text editor. This is all linked to a calendar/timetable on the home page.


Files are often viewable within the browser via a preview screen and Office Online. Need to download submitted files and attachments in order to view.


Allows you to provide a comment, attach a rubric or weblink and a customised score. Allows you to provide a comment, attach a rubric or weblink and a range of components from number scores, performance ratings and AusVELS grades.

Collaboration and Communication

Students can post comments to the group or direct messages to teachers. There is also the means for creating small groups for collaboration. The only communication that is made possible is between teacher and student. There is no means for collaboration.


Edmodo provides notifications on notes, assignments and replies on the home page. In addition to this, you can turn on and off email and/or text notifications. Although Compass sends out email notifications it does not provide the same flexibility as Edmodo, especially around items, such as news items and observations, there is no news feed or form of notifications for learning tasks and/or lesson plans.


Can be accessed through the browser and via an application. Access via the web, however the mobile web is limited, especially in regards to learning.

I think that there are many aspects that neither platforms deal with, including the ability to incorporate rubrics and the possibility to collaborate. Some other possibilities are Alice Keeler’s Rubric Tab, as well we Google Classroom and Google Apps for further communication and collaboration.

There will always be limitations to applications such as Edmodo and Compass. The challenge sometimes is finding what works best for you.

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