Is Our Use of Technology Setting Us Up For Trouble?

It is often asked if there is a limit to the benefits of technology? Whether there are times when we need to put devices away and unplug. Sherry Turkle’s recently wrote an article, ‘Stop Google. Let’s Talk‘, that was published in the New York Times. An extract from her latest book, Reclaiming Conversation, she continues the discussion she started in Together Alone. In the article, she describes a world where through our incessant use of social media, we have actually lost the art of conversation. This has not only had an impact on our ability to listen, but to actually empathise with others. The first step, she suggests, is reclaiming our solitude. A part of this is moving from multi-tasking to uni-tasking, where we dedicate ourselves to one thing at a time, rather than spreading ourselves thin.

For more information on Turkle’s ideas, see her Ted Talk for an explanation:

What do you think? Does Turkle have a point? Do we use technology too much? Share your thoughts.

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