Student Blogs with Global2

One of the challenges with most social media is that there is no filter. We have an idea. Write it. Create it. Publish it. The problem is that once it is out there, it is basically impossible to recall it. Even applications that promise to ‘self destruct’ still leave a trace, whether it be in regards to company servers or because someone has captured the post.

What Global2 does is provide a filter. That is why instead of seeing a ‘publish’ button, it instead says ‘submit for review’. Basically, Global2 is a version of WordPress. In a normal Wordpress blog when you click ‘publish’, it is out to the world (or whatever your settings allow for). However, Global2 is a version made for education. Therefore, to have a Global2 site, you need to have a teacher.

The benefit is that you are able to have a conversation with someone prior to sharing out with the wider world. This means that someone with a different perspective can provide feedback before posting out.


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