Modifications for Global2 Blogs

Mods for Global2

Blogs are more than just writing online. One of the added challenges is how you present it. Of course, when you first begin, you have a default setup. However, there are many changes that you can make. Most of these changes can be split across three areas: Themes, Widgets and Plugins.


When you go to themes, you will be provided with a range of different templates, each with their own benefits and negatives. Some are very visual, others are designed for text. Often the colours and images can be furthered customised, while some work better on mobile devices than others.

For more information, go to Sue Water’s post in regards to Setting Up a Class Blog


Depending on the theme, a blog is made up of various sidebars in support of the main text. You can access all of these via ‘Customize’ within ‘Appearance’. Sidebars are made up of widgets. These provide additional functionality to the blog, whether it be links to other sites, lists of comments and other posts.

For more information, go to Sue Water’s post in regards to Adding Widgets to a Blog


In addition to widgets, add-ons extend the functionality of your actual blog. This includes such things as providing access to Google fonts, adding safe images via Compfight and allowing custom CSS. Mostly, these plugins simply provide more options and possibilities to the writing.

For more information, go to the Edublogs overview of Plugins, but please be aware that not all are available within Global2.

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