An Introduction to Class Dojo

The following post is by Catherine Gatt.

Class Dojo is an online tool that enables students, teachers and parents to track student behaviour and effort. Students are allocated a ‘monster’ that represents them in their virtual ‘Dojo’ classroom. Teachers are able to log in via a number of different devices (i.e. online, tablet, phone) and reward students with Dojo points for desired classroom behaviours. Ideally students should have input into the behaviours that a teacher is monitoring with the program. Class Dojo keeps a tally of points and indicates patterns that may be useful in informing teachers on the trends in their classroom.

Some key features of Class Dojo include:

Access through a range of devices

Multiple teachers can be invited to reward points to a single class Students can track their progress over time Teachers are able to see patterns in growth over time Teachers can use this information to discuss issues/concerns/growth with parents

As a classroom teacher, student privacy is a primary concern to me. Because teachers moderate and control the information on Class Dojo student information is used only for the purposes outlined above. Many teachers have reported on the increase in student engagement when Class Dojo has been introduced into their classroom and this too has been my personal experience. Students love watching their little ‘monsters’ grow and being involved in tracking their own personal growth over time.


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